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You may be a redneck if... your lifetime goal is to own a fireworks stand.  ~Jeff Foxworthy
Wednesday night we got together with a few friends and went to watch the fireworks show put on by the God and Country Festival in Nampa.  We all such a great time. We found an empty spot on a grassy hill in front of Mercy Hospital. It was still warm out when we arrived and the cold damp great felt great on my feet. I walked barefoot as I took Ian to the gas station across the street to go to the bathroom. There was a energetic game of soccer being played near out blankets. You could say we were just barely outfield. We had a few balls fly over head. The small kids, like Oliver, ran about and danced while waiting for the sun to go down and the show to begin. We waited and waited and waited as the sun sang lower and lower and we grew chilly as the sun withdrew itself. We waited well past the 10:20 pm scheduled start time, the children growing tired and then hyper. I had to make one more bathroom trip with the kids and just as we reached the restrooms the first firework exploded in the sky. "Hurry!" the kids all shouted as they used the restroom in lightning speed, afraid they would miss even a single glorious explosion. We ran back across the grass covered hill, passing families on blankets and chairs, their faces lite up and stretched to the sky like sunflowers. Safely on our blankets, we too craned out necks upward and watched expectantly as firework after firework erupted and shot into the night sky with wild bangs and pops. Just like anything you wait a long time for, the fireworks ended much too quickly. We gathered up our belongings, hunting in the dark cold grass for missing flip-flops and trash. We marched back to our car full of excitement and wonder.  What a lovely evening and we even avoided all the traffic leaving by taking a back route!


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