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November Nature Walk

Our little Homeschool Nature Walk group went to the Star, ID River Walk just before it got too cold out. It was a great day, as we walked and warmed up the kids took off their jackets. The trees were in full blown Autumn mode. Maple, Birch, and Oak leaves covered the path crunching under our footsteps and falling on us as we strolled along.

Beautiful Fall Colors

One of the girls found a nice fat slug hanging on to the last few days of warmth. What to know more about slugs? Check out Snails and Slugs at the Backyard Nature website.

PHYLUM: mollusk

Growing on a lovely sitting log along the trail, we spied this mushroom. The mushroom looked like it had already been a snack to some incests.

  PHYLUM: Basidiomycota
    CLASS: Agaricomycetes
      ORDER: Lycoperdales

King or Queen of the Hill.

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