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Nutty Elves Craft

We usually make one new ornament every year. We make it in bulk and then pass them out as gifts to friends, neighbors, and family.

This year we picked this little craft from Family Fun called Nutty Elves.

 photo from Family

They were pretty easy to make with the bigger boys (10 and 13). The little boys (7 and 5) had trouble because of the small size of the peanuts, but they made about 5 each. Oliver (5) loved gluing on the noses. You could easily do these assembly line fashion as a family, giving each person a part based on their abilities.

  • Pre-make hats and shoes. 
  • Cut arms and legs ahead of time with wire cutters.
  • Pose them before you glue them in. 
  • Use tacky glue and have hot glue gun on hand.
  • Hot glue to wrapped candy canes

After we assembled the elves, I hot glued them in fun poses onto wrapped candy canes. We used fishing line for the hanger and I just hot glued it to the candy cane to make it secure. 

We think they turned out cute and hope they last a few years. They sure made people smile when they opened them.

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