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When you suffer from depression one of the first things you learn in treatment and therapy is altered perspectives. Not everyone views the world the same way. Our perspective is how we see the world through our own lens. These lens can be tinted, coated, and fogged up by all kinds of things like culture, up bringing, education or lack of education, experiences, tramas, stress, addiction, gender, ethnicity, etc. Depression is a HUGE lens that alters perspective. To help you cope and counteract the effects the Depression lens has on your perspective, your therapist may have you practice looking at things in your perspective and then how they really are. It can be a very challenging exercise depending on how depressed you are or how long you've been living with depression and your altered perspective. You are pretty much having to tell your brain what it thinks is crap and then you have to try to tell it how it really is. They call this cognitive therapy, but I like to call it the Twilight Zone.

Anyway, I stumbled upon this funny little comic about how people generally see the world and how it really is. The little monsters make it even cuter. You'll probably need to visit the original to read everything.

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