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What Santa is bringing you

I was just talking to Oliver (3) about what he wanted Santa to bring him for Christmas. He said cars...of course.
Then I said, " What do you think he will bring me? "
He said " Santa, not bring you presents, just me!"
" Well now I think Santa will just bring you coal or sticks and rocks for Christmas" I said to tease him back.
"No, he bring you coal!" he told me.
So then I asked him what he thought Santa would bring each member of our family and each time he would say in his cutest 3 year old voice, " Sticks and Rocks!" until I was laughing aloud.

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Emily said...

Hehehehe :) I could totally hear a little voice in my head! Too adorable!

Dickerson Family said...

Oliver sounds like my kids. Very Cute! I love your Christmas decorations and the stories that Josef told about Christmas. It is so true and so very sad that Christmas has come to this. I'm really glad that the other story about giving away $100 was told as well, to show what Christmas should and could be like. That is what Christmas is all about!

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