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Talents...what talents?

I try really hard to hide my I am not found out. Unfortunately my very best friends have seen me in action and know who to call on in a pinch. Shh! don't tell anyone else.

I got such a call from Tanya, asking me to throw together a parade presentation in a week. The parade theme is Snowball fights and Starry Nights. I need to decorate a camel, 2 horses, and their riders. I wasn't sure how to fit in the Snowball Fights part of the theme, but going on what I had to work with I thought the three wise men and the star would be our best bet. Not extremely original, but this is short notice after all.

Tanya and I spent the day with a $50 budget running all over town gathering supplies to make three wise men costumes, and props, and a sign to put over the camels hump advertising her Grandmas Ranch in Star.(Yes, It is a real baby camel.)

Because I love Tanya and her family, I am donating my time and talents to the Parade. Tanya is coming over tomorrow to be my assistant as we quickly throw together some costumes and props.

Actually I love to do this sort of stuff, it is fun, and challenging, and gives me a rare creative outlet. I am off to bed now, exhausted from shopping and imagining and look forward to a day of cutting, glueing, and sewing tomorrow.

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Emily said...

SIGH once again I will say it. You ROCK. You are one of the few people I know who can do EVERYTHING

April Mitchell said...

Ha! The secret is my house is totally trashed, because I am neglecting my housewify duties.

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