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We made a snowman today. We thought we would hurry before all the snow melted away. It was up to 40 degrees here today, which was a great change from 22 degrees. Here he is, he doesn't really have a name, Oliver thought he should be called Indiana Jones, Kaleb said it should be Rudolph the Snowmen, and Josef calls him Fred. He has a plastic christmas bulb ornament nose, yarn ball eyes and pipe cleaner eyebrows.

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Arya said...

What a great snowman!

Emily said...

That has to be the BEST snowman I have ever seen (please dont tell my kids I said that)

By the way, thank you for the card, LOVE the pic.

Susanna (A Modern Mother) said...


I wish we had snow. Sometimes we get it at Christmas, but not this year.

Did you go sledding too?

April Mitchell said...

No we didn't go sledding but the boys climbed the big mounds of snow the snow plow made in our driveway. It was too stormy to sled before and now it is too warm and wet. Our poor snowman feel over already today. The snow was fun while it lasted :)

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