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Size Doesn't Matter

So another homeschool mom asked all of us other blogging homeschool moms to post some of our Christmas decorations. Here are a few of mine.

We decided to spend Christmas in Meridian, at Levi's parents house, so we are closer and can see everyone, without driving in on Christmas Day. We are staying over and waking up there on Christmas morning. They have a big tree, so I didn't see the sense in getting our own,real tree, like we do every year. If we won't even be using it, what is the sense? I am if nothing else, practical. My MIL informed me that not having some sort of Christmas tree was simply Un-American. So here is our tree, its not much of one, but it is a Christmas tree. The boys just put some of our favorite ornaments on. We thing it is very cute, and it looks very festive on our hall table. So you see - size does not matter with Christmas trees.


I bought this Christmas card hanger about 7 years ago...I have not been able to find another like it since. It is just a cord with red and green plastic clips. The clips are awesome for holding the cards. I save the prettiest cards each year to display later. As we receive new ones I take some down, but it is nice to have the old ones up to fill up the cord, it makes a nice display.

I love these snowflake ornaments we made 3 years ago. We made tons of them. We gave them as gifts that year to neighbors, friends, and family. We still had about 20 left over, so I love to use them around the house to decorate for Christmas and hang on the tree.


This is my Christmas centerpiece. I really like it. I wanted to take a picture of it now, because I am not sure how many more years it will last. The kids keep picking the Little fake berries off of it and exposing the white foam underneath. I would love it if they could create a kid friendly floral arrangement, that was virtually indestructible...I'd buy it!!
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This is our Nativity Set, it was generously given to me by an old neighbor who didn't want it anymore. It was hand made by her SIL. I reluctantly took it. It is beautiful and a large sized Nativity, so it is a nice display for the true meaning of Christmas. We love it and hope to one day find a stable big enough for it.

These are just a few of the special things we decorate with for the holidays. I love to take the boxes of Christmas stuff out of storage, dust of the tops and revisit all the little treasures each year.

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Emily said...

Beautiful! I want a Nativity so bad!

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