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Two stories of Christmas

I was reading last Sundays paper and I read these two articles, I cut them out and had Josef read them too and give me a narration on them. They are about the two meanings of Christmas we have in the US. I had him retell them to me in his own words. You can view the actual articles here:

Man dies from trampling at Wal-mart sale-

Secret Santas article

" A guy died at Walmart in New York. His name was Damour . He died because of the opening of Walmart during a big sale. When he barely opened the doors the Moms started pushing on the door, he used it as a shield but the glass shattered. And then he was lying on the ground being trampled. The people almost knocked down the soda machines, and Pop Pop an older Walmart worker, ran over to save the soda machines from falling. He was looking for Damour-but could not see him. After all the people cleared out he saw him laying on the ground. He was dead the police marked it as a crime scene and the Paramedics took the body away. Then the Walmart workers built an altar, with candles and a picture where his body had lain. Then the next morning the people ran in again and ignored the altar. One witness said "He was killed over a $100 TV deal"

" In the next story, there is a girl with a family, who has no gas for heat, they were poor. Her sister is dieing of cancer in the hospital. She was shopping at Good-will for decorations for her sister hospital room. As she is leaving the store a person hands her a $100 bill stamped Secret Santa and runs off. She was overjoyed."

"The first story is crazy, those people really wanted those deals-so bad that they didn't even care about others they might hurt. Those people were so concerned with getting a good deal on gifts to give, they missed out on giving the gift of kindness."

"The second story was nice, cause that lady got a $100 by a strange person she didn't even know so she could turn her gas back on. This story was what Christmas means."

~Josef Mitchell age 11

I was truly outraged by the story of the crazy NY Walmart shoppers, are we truly so obsessed with 'things' as a country that common kindness is out the window if the price tag is right. What a huge tragedy, I am so sorry for that mans family.

On the other hand, the story of the Secret Santa's shows we have truly kind people out there spreading the true meaning of Christmas. I hope that this season we will all step back from our purchasing and try to reach out to others in the true meaning of Christmas.

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