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Killer Bunnies

Levi's family is completely addicted to the game Killer Bunnies. We played it most of the Thanksgiving break. The starter pack for the games is reasonable priced, but you will get addicted and want to get all the add-on packages, which adds up. It's marked for ages 11 and up. The object is to keep at least one of your bunny cards on the table (alive), gather some carrot cards,which ultimately puts you in a lottery for the winner. The person who has the correct carrot card is the winner! You must do all this while others are putting down cards that could for example -have your bunny abducted by aliens. We highly recommend the game, so go out and get it and play it with family and friends. But WARNING -be careful Killer Bunnies is addicting.

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The Wades said...

Never heard of it. I might have to ry it out. Thanks for the tip.

Tell Levi his trees are selling like hotcakes. :)

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