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How do people make it through life without a sister? ~Sara Corpening

I found this poem years ago on Of Worth .com it is very representative of the change of attitude and affection you can feel for others when you let go of your preconceived notions and judgments and just love them. It is often easier said then done. Impressions and judgment can be very powerful-we often think we know people, when all we really know is the surface. We are quick to cast our judgments and often condemn others in our minds for their choices, it is so much easier than actually learning to loving them and get to know them, and understand them.  

In a previous ward we did an activity where 10 sisters were chosen to interview and get to know 10 other sisters. We were asked to prepare posters on our sisters including photographs. I was asked to visit an older(60 yrs or so) sister in our ward. Someone who I wouldn't otherwise know or even befriend. On the surface she seemed like she had had a nice cushy life-she looked happy, she had a lovely home with photos of family, and she looked healthy- I wondered what I could possible learn from someone who had probably lived a perfect life.  I had no idea who she really was. After chatting with her and asking her story, I gained a new perspective of her. I learned she had left the church several times, struggled with her testimony, survived a bad abusive marriage, a husbands suicide and raised 2 sons all alone. Her testimony of the gospel was amazing and her faith grew stronger as she aged.  I felt so privileged to know her story and to listen to her, and from then on we were friends.
by Claire Helmers (c)1997 all rights reserved
I wonder, sometimes, if you know how much I need your love.
How much I crave a compliment, how much I want a hug.
I wonder if you share my fear of always falling short
Of thinking I'm the only one with faults and sins and warts.

Do you like me, put on a face that says your life is swell,
But shake and tremble deep inside that fragile outer shell?
Please don't be fooled by my facade, I've worn it now for years
But often, just below my smile, my throat is full of tears.

Are you convinced that others here are worthier than you?
They know the gospel, pay their tithes, and shine in Sunday School
Their kids don't fight, their house is clean, they never raise their voice.
You'd gladly trade your life for theirs, if you just had a choice.

Well, please remember, sisters dear, that life's not all it seems.
The lives that other women live are only in your dreams
They worry, struggle, cry and pray, and never have enough
Of love from women like yourself, of gentle female stuff.

I need your love like you need mine;  I need forgiveness too
For falling short of my ideals, and wishing I was you
So if you like me, tell me so, just tell me to my face
I need to hear that , oh so much: I need your warm embrace.

Do you like my dress, my hair, my smile, the lesson I just gave?
Well, tell me every Sunday, please;  I'd love it if you rave.
You see, I'm not as smart or strong or good as you may think;
Life gets me down; you'd be surprised how low my moods can sink.

Well, who am I? I'm everyone--I'm every woman here
Who needs a friend, a confidante, a non-judgmental ear,
Who wants to feel important and to know somebody cares,
Who needs to feel she's up to all the burdens that she bears.

So please don't be afraid of me; draw near to me instead,
Pour out your heart and soul to me and get inside my head.
Let's be a whole fraternity of inter linking hearts.
That's how the Savior planned it,  if we each just do our part.

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sister takes a vital role in my life so without her what a life????? I know.

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