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My Week In Review

This is a quick run down of my past week (as if you really give a care...but here it is anyway) because I have been slacking on my blogging and am running out of clever ideas. So this will have to do, Dear Reader.

This week Levi was here on Friday night and then gone by Monday morning.
Like these animals...

HOSTILITY WARNING: No, I don't know where he is or when he will be home again. Let's just pretend he works for the FBI or somethings so maybe people will STOP asking. If you want to know where he is- friend him on Facebook. Because people he literally TRAVELS for a living... as in he is driving all day and can be in 3 states or more in one day and does not stay anywhere except for sleeping then he wakes up and TRAVELS some more. So you should ask something like...Where did Levi wake-up this morning? Every time I speak to him he is somewhere new, so it is really hard to remember where he is at any given time. All I really care about is if he is on his way home anyway. So there!

Saturday we spent a fun day with Levi's parents eating and playing games. It was so much fun!!
“It is in games that many men discover their paradise.” 
Robert Lynd

On Sunday, I survived teaching the 4 Year old in Sunday School,with my husband looking on in amusement. Then we went to Uncle Bills in Ontario for a Father's day dinner.

Monday I worked on Levi's parents yard and it is looking AMAZING! The rest of the day was an allergy filled haze. Well, really this whole week. I mostly just hate the foggy head feeling. It's like my sinuses are blocking my brain power.
Unfortunately the fog in my head is not this pretty.

Tuesday I could really feel how we have slipped into full blown lazy summer mode. I slept in and read a whole book in one setting. Two rare luxuries in my life..but I paid for my moment of peace with some financial stress for the rest of the week. I also got my Visiting Teaching done. Did I meantion how much I love this website for VTing helps?

Pierre-Auguste Renoir - Girl Reading

Wednesday is a bit of a blur, but I think I cleaned the house, did a mountain of laundry, and took Josef to Scouts. I also adopted two Freecycled house plants. They were not it too bad shape, just needed re-potted and a little TLC. They will go a long way to cleaner air in our home and a lovely peaceful natural environment. 

Thursday I took the boys to the Reptile Day at the Nampa library. They love reptiles and wanted to have one of everything to take home as a pet.  I don't not love them, I just don't see why you would want one as a pet. It was fun but really packed, I felt a bit claustrophobic in that basement. Nampa library I am sorry but you are in desperate need of a remodel. Even if you just moved things around a bit, it would be so much nicer- some Fung Shui or something. I would be happy to be a volunteer consultant...just saying. I could even donate my two new plants.

We had our cousin Chris and Kylie over to swim, which the boys never grow tired of. They are getting to be talented swimmers. It's strange how long they are entertained by throwing things on the bottom of the pool and diving for them. I sure enjoy my pool side time to read though, so it is a win-win situation.

Then I ran off to our church book group, which I am growing to love. It's kind of tough sometimes because I am youngish and the ladies are all 'not old' but much more mature than I. I made the mistake of saying the author of the book we were reading was an 'older lady'. Boy, did those heads turn and I had some explaining to do about exactly what I meant by 'older'.

First you are young; then you are middle-aged; then you are old; then you are wonderful.
- Lady Diana Cooper

Friday I worked on some projects around the house, wrote a little, and did some online working on this post.

On Saturday we headed back over to work on the garden at Levi's parents house. I had the boys help pull some grass out of the flower beds. They found this large jumping spider on a tree. He was a big one at about an inch in diameter. He got pretty agitated about us observing him. He was plain comical as he kept running up and down the trunk, trying to figure out what he should do about us.

 Phidippus audax

Then I worked on cleaning Levi's parent house. They have hired me to clean their house once or twice a month and it works out nice for us all. They get a sparkly home without any of the hard work and I get a little extra cash. Which we can always use.

All this brings us back to!
We went to church, napped, ate, and read. I managed to get Josef to work on his Duty to God. I need to be better at getting him motivated to work on these sorts of things and get them scheduled in. Just one more thing on the ever growing To Do list. The other boys just played, mostly quietly. Oliver built a lovely Playmobile village today.  Kaleb and Ian built unique Lego creations and a huge mess, which we all know is essential to the creative process.

Now I am off to get a few things organized for our first trip to Roaring Springs tomorrow. The boys earned some free passes through the Roaring Readers program, otherwise it would cost me almost $200 to take us all there for the day. It's as much as going to Disney land for the day. Crazy! Free is nicer though and I just have to pay the $27 dollars for me. The boys are excited and have been talking about all the rides they will go on. I am sure I'll post all about it. 

Hope you, Dear Reader, also had a great week and are looking forward to July, because June is almost gone. 


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Anonymous said...

Don't much like the picture of the spider. I had a great weekend with my family. I love you all, Dad AKA Levi

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