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May 2010 Wagons Ho- Ian

Ian participated in Wagon Ho this year. It is a great program designed for 3-4th graders in Idaho.
Held in Veteran’s Park, the Wagon Master, Cal Clevenger, and his wife Marla, provide an authentic round of experiences from the old west designed to entertain and teach the children.

• Pump water into a bucket, then haul it across the back forty to wash clothes in a wash tub with lye soap and a
• Try to catch a spark with a flint and a rope coated in “bear grease”
• Use an eight foot crosscut saw and a bow saw to cut logs for our fire
• Shake fresh cream until it becomes butter
• Cut the carrots and potatoes with sharp knives to make our campfire stew
• Lasso a calf
• Use a hot branding iron to brand our property
• Stamp a leather “Concho”
• Wash dishes in pots of water heated over the campfire
• Sit in an old-fashioned school desk with an inkwell and write a journal entry

View the entire photo album here:
May 2010 Wagons Ho Ian

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