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  Wish I had been here...but I wasn't. 

I haven't been blogging much. Perhaps, I was taking an unplanned blog-cation.  I have not had a ton to share,  because not much has really been going on, at least nothing exciting. I have mostly organizing, cleaning, getting our house in order. Oh, and also those random things that come up in my life like baby sitting, dog sitting, helping a friend clean, organize, and hold a fund raiser yard sale, and sewing Indian costumes on the fly. All while waiting for summer to arrive. Is it here yet??

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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Life is sumtimes a hardship to endure
But embrace is with God's love implore
To spread and share with others
So their bleeds smothers recovers.

High ya April. I hope you are fine and well. Please except my concerns for your struggles. I love love and GOD'S love is indefinite and great. Love Andrew.

Baby Bedding said...

Nature is always ahead to artificials.

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