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Moving to Weiser

Yes this sign says Population 5,343-it'll be 5,349 after we move in

A barn in Weiser, their are lots of barns here, I love barns!

Weiser is the county seat of Washington County, so the County Courthouse is here.

View of a downtown street

Weiser is also home to the most historical landmarks per capita in Idaho, with 15 registered historic homes and 16 registered historic buildings. The Star Theater located in downtown Weiser is one of those historic buildings. It opened in 1910 advertising “Illustrated Songs.” A night of entertainment including the illustrated songs and motion pictures was only 10 cents. In 1940 the theater became the second largest in the state with a seating capacity of 600. In 1998 the theater showed its last picture show and is now is owned and operated by the Onion Skin Players. The group produces 1800s style live performances twice a year in the fall and spring.

Yes, we are moving to Weiser, ID. Many of you may be wondering "Why would anyone want to live in Weiser?"

Well we have already lived in Kuna, ID and we did not like it at all. We loved the friends we meet there but not much else. It was way out of the way, not too friendly, and has no real small town charm-it looks like a small town, until you see the miles of subdivisions and you realize you could never actually know everyone. There are really no other amenities or attractions in Kuna other than the bars people drive from all over to visit and the Mexican Restaurant El Gallo Giro- YUMMY! We were just not happy out there. So then we moved from Kuna and have been staying with Levi's parents in their upstairs part of their house for 6 months, deciding where to go next.

We thought Meridian for a while, maybe Boise, but there is really nothing affordable for us that is big enough for us. We didn't find anywhere we really felt we fit. We had a few promising prospectives but they all fell through-even after much prayer and planning. Then on a whim we started looking out further...way out! We even considered Nampa, Caldwell, even Nysa. Then we saw a listing for Weiser and we went out there to take a look and feel in love.

To give you a little background, I have always been a country girl at heart. I lived in Lake City, Florida when I was a girl, we used to catch frogs and race them in huge puddles by our house. We had some friends that lived in a converted barn, turned into a house and I thought it was so cool! I always wanted to live in a barn and have chickens to feed. Then we lived in Alachua, Florida and we had a small forest in our back yard, that we would play in for hours. Then we lived in Bixby, OK and then to Eagle, ID on Eagle Island-when Eagle was still a small town with two gas stations and a Kings store.

So I really liked Weiser's small town charm. We were surprised to learn Weiser had more to offer than we thought.
Sand Dunes
Pythian Castle
Old houses and Bed and Breakfasts (Levi and I LOVE old houses!!)
Along with some good restaurants.

I am truely looking forward to sitting on our front porch and enjoying the wide open spaces and the river to explore with the boys.

Snake River from bridge into Weiser

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Emily said...

Oh my gosh! That looks like the cutest little town ever! I love it. We are wanting to move to a small small tiny town so bad!! I hope you guys love it there!

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