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It's all very scientific....

The school year is well underway and the boys have begun working on their chapter science experiments here are a few we've done so far.

Kaleb and his mealworms (yuck). He was observing traits of living and non living things.

Josef and his Jello and fruit plant and animal cells. The animal cell (top) did not turn out well as his little brothers kept poking the bag while it was setting up in the fridge. Science is hard with Little brothers around. It was supposed to be sort of rounded and oblong...hmmm.

The plant cell turned out well though!

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Arya said...

ooooohhhh, how fun!

btw - everything is going good, house hunting and just waiting to make sure we got the loan...will know next week. Fingers are crossed and we hope we get the ok and can start looking. We want to be in a bigger place, like

- Dana ♥ said...

I just love the expression on your little boy's face. He must have really enjoyed the worms! I blog hopped to your site today. Thanks for the visit. Come by and see me sometime at

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