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Happy Halloween!

Like every year the boys had some specific request for costumes. I am not a professional, but I do the best I can to make the costumes. This year Josef wanted to be a Skeleton Knight (no such costume avaiable for sale in our area). I painted a black sweat suit with bones, using an anatomy diagram for help, and added some crafted armor and store bought sword. Ian asked to be a lion, since we could not find one for those older than 4, I made this one from a thrift store tan hooded sweat suit and a brown chenille scarf. Kaleb was easy-we had this Shadow Ninja costume already he just needs a sword. Olive has been living in this caterpillar costume from our dress up trunk all guess what he wanted to be? They all looked great. Wonder what challenges I will face next Halloween?

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Arya said...

I love the costumes...I love how inventive your kids are...

Emily said...

LOVE it!!!!

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