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Doing the Morning News

Our family was invited to be on the KTVB morning news with other families from our school to represent the Meridian Fire Safety Center. We had been on a field trip to the Meridian Fire Safety Center the week before. The Center invited us to come back to demonstrate what they do on the morning news. We thought it would be a fun activity.

We had to wake up REALLY early 3:30 am and get to the Fire Safety Center by 5am. During the weather broadcast the kids were the background and crawled down a hallway under smoke, along with their pal Sparky the dog.

They did it about every 7 minutes till around 7am and then we had two 25 minute breaks between segments.
Lucky for us they had donuts and juice there to keep the kids energized.

Larry Gebert the Meterologist gave the kids some weather lessons using the Centers white board and also dazzled us with his Idaho History facts. The camera guy gave the kids an awesome tour of the LIVE van and explained how the news got to us from them. He also let the kids use his camera, hold the mic and carry the camera (it weighs 50lbs!).

We had lots of fun!

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Arya said...

Looks like a great outting!!! and just soooo fun! My boys saw this and wanted to do it too!

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