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Hello Stranger,

I thought I would take up blogging again :) I have neglected mine for a very long time. So much has changed and so much has stayed the same.

I am single and "divorced". Levi and I have been officially separated for over a year now. He has found a new love now, so hopefully we can get the divorce over finally so he can marry her and we can all move on. 

The boys and I moved out of the trailer-hood in September. In a year we have gone from living with my in-laws with Levi, to living with my kindred friend Tambi in her garage converted into an apartment-graciously rent free, to a little dumpy trailer all our own, to our own little cute apartment. We have slowly found a permanent home where we can settle in and nest. I have been grateful for strange things like having a room larger then a queen size bed and having a real bedroom door instead of a curtain.

The boys started new school in September and are all adjusting well. 

Here is to closure and new beginnings.

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