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Men at Work

The truck, the small blue Toyota truck, owned by Levi's parents and driven by Levi while we dated, is getting a makeover. Levi's parents gifted the broken down thing to him, to get it out of their driveway. Uncle Bill, my great uncle on my Mom's side, kindly let Levi park it over at his small engine shop. We've been visiting it and they have been slowly dismantling it, to rebuild it to it's former glory. I will be very glad when it is done, becuase then I won't have to drive into Boise so often to pick up Levi from his Semi-truck. He used to be able to drive his Semi-truck home, but becuase of the economy his company is cutting down on all expensises, including extra mileage and gas. It's two hours round-trip to go get him. So I'm anxious for the project to be done and have the truck restored to it's former make-out location glory. Here are a few photos of the men at work.

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Arya said...

Looks like a fun project. I totally hear you about the drive into boise! It's a long one and I try not to go but once in a great while but lately I have made tooo many trips.

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