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Poor in Spirit

Yesterday while shopping, I witnessed a man literally eat out of a garbage can. After I got over the initial shock and disgust, I felt so sorry for that man. How had he gotten to a point in his life that he was living on the streets and eating out of garbage cans? Where are his friends and family? His church? Has he so allienated himself from them that they do not know of his plight in life?

I am so grateful that I have family and friends and above all a loving and merciful God. When I have found myself in the downward slopes of life, they have always stepped in to to help. I have been pushes, pulled,and often dragged back up that hill of life.

Aside from physical homelessness, you can be spiritually homeless and I felt a keen since of spiritual homelessness at times in my life. Especially since I struggle with Chronic Depression. Inside my own mental illness I cannot feel God during the darkest days of a depression, but just knowing he is there, always pulls me through and gives me hope. Somewhere through the fog he is waiting on the otherside to embrace me.

Article: Broken Things To Mend
I really enjoyed this article, Broken Things to Mend.

May you never truely be alone.
God Bless!

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breymom said...

You are amazing I love you and even when you can't feel him I'm glad you have faith to know He's there!

Arya said...

Thank you for sharing. It has really helped me during my little struggle the last week.

We are going to have to meet sometime! ((HUGGS))

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