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Keep On Truckin'

It is really nice to live somewhere that Levi can park his truck. It has been nice not to have to drive to pick him up at a Truck Stop or his Work Yard in Boise. He can come home early in the morning or late at night, park his truck and come snuggle into bed with me(and then Kaleb and Oliver who always come to cuddle in the mornings)
He can also sweep out his trailers here, and wash his truck.
For the boys, the novelty of the semi-truck has never worn off. They love to sit in Levi's truck or help sweep out the trailer. Josef talks about his summer driving with Levi all the time. He is really looking forward to spending next summer with Levi too. The other boys can hardly wait to be 10 so they can go in the truck with their Dad for a summer too. Boys and their big toys.

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