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Life is Good at 4

To Kaleb at 4

Life is Good at 4

4 has a favorite's 4
4 cookies, because you are 4, 4 is special
Everyone is your friend if you are 4, you know no strangers.
Everything is new, amazing, and fresh and your enthusiasm is hard to hide.
Your Mom is really old, and you tell her so she will know. You love her the most because she knows everything and lets you sleep in her bed when you have a bad dream.
Life is good when you are four.

You are almost 5...when you are 4.
5 is a big number and BIG things happen at 5.
You are not quite a big boy at 4, and that is good because you still like to do baby things sometimes.
Sometimes you don't want to be almost 5.
4 is still small enough for cuddles and sitting on laps.
But big enough to do lots of things yourself, only when you want to.
Life is good when you are four.

You can laugh at anything when you are 4, because the whole world is hilarious.
4 knows alot and is proud of it.
4 can write his name in all capitals so as to shout to the world
"This is me KALEB!"
Life is good when you are four.

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