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Ovid's The Art of Love or Dating 101

Ovid was called the last great Roman poet of the Augustan golden age of literature. Ovid‘s The Art of Love can still teach men today a lot about courting women and love. In fact his advise would make a great Dating 101 book for men. He starts off by telling men to have confidence in their ability to win a women. We all know that confidence can be very attractive. He goes on to advise men to get to know his sweethearts friends and get to know about her through them. Girls always love a man that can hang out with her friends comfortably and who shows interest in her life. Ovid then instructs his pupil’s to send the girl a letter or in todays society perhaps a text message or email. He tells them to send her nice thoughts and compliments. Everyone loves to be complimented and given attentions, so its sound advice.  If that doesn’t work, Ovid tells the reader to not give up and try again. Persistence usually does get you noticed in the world of dating or the label “creepy guy”. Ovid encourages the young lover to make sure he looks good and smells good. This is the best advice yet to attracting true love or at least get a second date. Ovid wisely goes on to tell men to not get so drunk that they can't carry on a conversation with the girl of their dreams. Its great advice for both men and women, one glass of wine is great for courage and inhibition, but five might make for a night of regret.  He instructs men to never stop giving out compliments and sweet words to women. This little bit of advice would probably save many relationships from ending because its hard to find fault with a man giving you compliments constantly.  Although the last bit of Ovid’s advice on showing your date some emotion is legitimate, his advice on faking tears if you have to is a little overkill. Most women think its sweet to see their man tear up over his feelings for you or a chick flick but it’s manipulative to fake emotions. Ovid’s artful courting advice is still universally applicable today for winning over that special girl.

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