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Shopping lists and compliments

Today I went to Walmart with the two younger boys to buy the things on the shopping list Oliver had made. He told me we needed to go specifically to Walmart and buy:

  • guinea pig food
  • light bulbs for his room
  • cough drops that were cherry flavored for his "cough"
While we were picking up his essentials, a man at the end of the aisle paid me the sweetest compliment as we passed by. He looked me right in the eyes, smiled, and said in a very sincere and non-creepy way, " I just wanted to tell you that you are very cute." I said, "Thank you." and went on my way.

It made me smile though and feel very good about myself. I kind of want to go around Walmart and just compliment random people now. 

Well just thought I would share.

Ta-Ta for now!  I am exhausted tonight because I ran around all afternoon with 3 yr old niece and my two younger boys in tow. I am now going to lay down with a book and try to obtain a zen- like state.

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