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Happy Halloween!

When October rolls around it is crunch time for costumes. The boys are always VERY specific about what they want to be. I am talking color that is the wrong shade of red for Mario and her wears black shoes I need black shoes only! I love hearing what they come up to be each year and I try to make it happen for them.

This year I pulled together 9 costumes total. I came up with the ones for our family and some for some friends. It is something I LOVE to do.

Josef 14 is Dr. Who #10 (David Tennant)
Ian 11 is Mario and he has a Toad Stool
Kaleb 8 is a Mad Scientist
Oliver 6 is a Toy Story Alien again

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Jack-o-Lanterns 2011

The boys carved the pumpkins they found at Linder Farms into some adorable Jack-O-Lanterns. This year they all did about 85% of the work. In past years we have done most of the actual work involved while they were just project managers. We told them to keep the designs simple so they would be successful. The finished faces have a cartoon quality to them. They turned out great!!


Levi and I came up with another fun couples costume this year.  Everyone has wanted to be a superhero at one time or another. Why not in your 30's? Here we are as Wonder Woman and Superman. These are not costumes our real lives we really do have to have super human abilities to survive raising 4 boys, homeschool, and endure12 years of marriage.

Count Gourdula

Ian got some small gourds and created this guard guy. He is so proud of it. He is a vampire gourd so we named him Count Gourdula.
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It's Fall Again!

Mitchell Boys @ Homeschool Day at Linder Farms, Kuna, ID Oct 2011

The first frost was today. All my pumpkin leaves died and I can see what our harvest will be.
I am going to start warming up the oven for some baking.
The boys Halloween costumes are almost finished.
All the Halloween decorations are hung up.
Tree leaves are turning colors.
Hot Chocolate sounds yummy.
I broke out my boots and sweaters and put them in my closet.
I am looking forward to my favorite season!

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Guess What?!

I'm Pregnant!


Me too!

My MIL went to her Visiting Teaching interview tonight. Greeted by congratulations from the Relief Society President about how I am due soon and they have me on the list for a baby blanket. Needless to say my MIL was shocked at the news.

Needless to say, I am NOT pregnant. I have no idea who in the ward reported it the the Relief Society.It's pretty funny.  Maybe they could let me know my due date...

BTW Picture is from 2004 when I was pregnant with Oliver

Oliver loves frogs

Oliver made this frog craft and is so proud of it.

When Pigs Fly

My 2nd son Ian is 11! I can hardly believe it! He wanted his cake decorated with Gir from a cartoon he likes called Invader Zim. It turned out pretty good. 
Ian is an amazing kid; lovable, creative, and fun. I am looking froward to seeing him bridge these pre-teen years to manhood.

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