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Cursive Copywork Printable: Baden Powel Quote

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In the Kitchen...

If I can make out a meal plan, then I can make out a grocery list. These are amazing time and cost saving tools-the meal plan and the grocery list. If I know what meals I can prepare, I am more likely to actually cook. I can avoid that 4 o'clock panic and the agonizing question of  "What's for dinner?" When I bring an organized list into the grocery store I am 100% more likely to pick up exactly what I need. I avoid those impulse buys by only buying what is on the list. To the annoying child begging for random goodies on a low shelf I say, " Well, let me check the list...hmm...well looks like it's not I'm sorry I can't buy it. Maybe we can put it on the list next time."
You see I've got a decent system going. My only dilemma has been the elusive meal planning sheet to hang on the fridge. I've tried a few of the ones I found online but they just don't seem to be a good fit. Alot of them just focus on dinner and dessert. Many don't include the most major meals in my home...snack time.
My other problem these forms want you to pick a certain day for each meal. What if it says Meatloaf for Saturday and Saturday comes around and I really want what we are having for dinner on Sunday instead. That is a mini-crisis. Do I dare defy the order of the meals.
Well just like everything in my life...if I want something done right I better just do it myself. So, I created my own AMAZING meal chart and an equally AMAZING grocery list sheet. I was able to do all of this because, lets be honest, I am rather AMAZING.

So the key to my AMAZING meal planner is that you do NOT have to pick a day. I'm serious here people! Most weeks we will eat roughly 7 dinners, lunches, breakfasts and 14 snacks. You just make a list and then you check off the meals you've used up as you go.

After I've made the meal plan, I make the grocery list. Listing what I need for each meal it it's respective grocery store aisle sections on my Grocery List Sheet. I then go to the kitchen and double check that I don't already have items and add staples we are out ketchup. Then I take my handy dandy Grocery List to the store with me.


I've finally gotten the boys new chore chart made up. I used some of my digital scrapbooking papers to make it a little fancier than I normally do. Oliver (6) and Kaleb (8) are getting some new chores this year since they are ready for them. The boys are in charge of the entire room they are assigned to for the whole day. We usually do morning, afternoon, and evening chores. During these times they would clean-up personal messes as well as their assigned rooms. It works out well for us.

Facebook Characters 9/14/11

I stumbled upon this blog where a man drew charactures of all his facebook friends. I thought it looked fun!Here is my first one. I am hoping to do one or two a week. I've been thinking I should start drawing again anyway. This is a fun way to practice. I wonder if my Facebook friends can 'guess who?'.
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Fantasy and fairy tales are Essential

“I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells. Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living.”
Dr. Seuss

G.K. Chesterton
“Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.”
G.K. Chesterton

Math on the Cheap 2011

In a perfect world I would buy all my children RightStart Math, but sadly, the world is not perfect. My homeschool budget is very tight this year. Well, actually its pretty small every year. I am ALWAYS on the look out for a great value.  Using Charlotte Masons philosophies have actually helped so much in controlling unnessasary homeschool spending. I don't buy near as much homeschool  and educational 'junk' as I used to.

I have four boys at four different math levels. I have managed to pull together a complete math curriculum for all of them for less than $200 this year.  I got a great deal on the Mammoth Math complete set from Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Although not my ideal choice, it is very workable and flexible. I will be adding in some math games, manipulatives, and living math books that cover the concepts the boys are working with in their Mammoth Math levels. I love the lists of living math books listed at and getting them from the library means no cost to me (other then the inevitable library fines). They also have a great list of math games. All these great resources in one spot equals more time learning and less time searching.

I did run into one problem while getting math together for the boys. I have a kindergartener this year and Mammoth Math starts at grade 1. At first I thought I would just read him tons of living math books, which would have been adequate for kindergarten math. Then I stumbled upon this math site for the North Carolina Public School System and feel in love with their Mathematics Essentials for kindergarten. The layout is a flexible weekly outline and it comes complete with math poems and hands on activity ideas. Obviously some things need to be modified to allow for homeschool use, but overall I am pleased with my FREE kindergarten math. I'll be adding the living books along with the Mathematics Essentials, for a complete kindergarten math curriculum.

WALLAH! Math is complete for the year. I'll let you know later if my plan is an epic fail and I completely revise it mid-term. I am certainly not infallible.

Chubs wears the cone of shame

We had to take poor Chubs into the Emergency Vet over Labor Day weekend. He had a small bump on his right cheek that grew over night, to about the size of a golf ball. The vet said it was an abcess due to another cat scratching him outside. The nurse shaved him and then the vet lanced it open. We have to keep it open and let it is not pretty. We are putting warm compresses on him for as long as he will let us hold a cloth on his face. His least favorite part of the whole ordeal has to be the antibiotic pill he has to take every 12 hours.

Here he is in all his sad kitty-ness. He was so humiliated at having to where the cone he tried to go back into his carrier (which he hates) just so no one would see him.

I Wish I Could Meet Him!

The younger two boys are in the bathroom together getting ready for bed. I am on facebook, overhearing them...

Kaleb says, " He made our whole world."
Oliver says, " And all the other planets too."
Kaleb says, " He is so awesome!"
Oliver, "I know, I wish I could meet him!
Kaleb, " Well you will one day, after you die and then you can live with him."
Oliver, " That is so cool."