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Seattle roadtrip- Thorp, WA

We stopped at Thorp Fruit and Antique Mall in Thorp, WA.  We bought some cherries and sweet peas. They have a fantastic homegrown taste! Upstairs they have a huge antique store with adorable kitchy items. I loved all the quilts and coveted the fiestaware display. Oliver was really excited about these jumbo yard decorations and actually WANTED his photo taken, which never happens. Enjoy possibly the last photos of him from this trip.

Roadtrip to Seattle - Granger, WA

We stopped in the small town of Granger and wondered at the dinosaur themes gas stations. The clerk told us the town had a dino theme. We drove down Dinosaur Drive for a fun tour of 12 dinosaur sculptures. The kids named each one as we took the photos.

I Bake.....

I made a fun double chocolate cake for a family birthday party.  It turned out so darling with the purple and green dots. It also tasted pretty good...a little rich but very tummy.


Overheard from downstairs-

Oliver (6) walks into room where his Dad is folding laundry.
Oliver says, "Your names Bob and I'm Joe."
Levi replies, "OK."
Oliver pauses and then says in a cool deep voice, " Hey Bob."
Levi replies, " Hey Joe."