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What up, G?

Hello internet, It's been a long time. What's new with you? ME? I find myself laid up and in want of QUALITY entertainment. I have watched Netflix, until nothing looks good anymore. I surfed around on Facebook reading friends posts like a cyber stalker. I've browsed Pinterest and re-pinned anything that seemed remotely interesting. I even did a bit of stumbling with StumbleUpon. I even stabbed my beloved Evernote in the back and got a Springpad account. I feel scientist should start a study on truly how long the internet can actually entertain and hold our interest before we go looking for satisfaction off-line. I think those critics who feel our world to overrun by technology would be surprised by how easily bored we get with it, and resort to things like reading a book and talking to people. It has literally been eons since I wrote on my blog. Why? Well I have been entirely too busy to entertain you all. At this moment in time I find myself in need of a little distraction. So, lend me your eyes for a while and I will weave you a tale of mystery and intrigue. I was in a little accident, which was totally my fault. I rear-ended a big Ford F250. The story I want to tell is that it was one of 'those' trucks. You know the kind with the curvy lady mudflaps and the 'hmm' unmentionables hanging between the back tires. I HATE 'those' trucks. They are just wrong on many levels. SO the story should go that it was one of 'those' trucks and in a moment of incensed rage I ran into him from behind, not taking into account the physics of my compact car and his rather large truck. As justified as that story may sound. The actual story was one of common human error and distraction and there were no 'hmm' unmentionables involved. I simply did not have good view of all the traffic in front due to the large SUV in front of me and then he moves to the left and there is a huge wall of traffic brake lights, a Ford F250 being FIRST in line. I managed to anticipate the accident and slowed and turned to the right to avoid a head on collision. The poor little green car of my husbands did not stand a chance though. Being in an accident it exactly like it is in the movies, it seems in slow motion. Airbags diploid and engine still running, I did the whole Super Mom thing and got the kids out of the car and checked for injuries. I was a little high on adrenaline. They were all ok, thank heavens! The guy I ran into had no injuries just a little Sprite spill on his shirt. His bumper was dinged and I took his Uhaul hitch off with my tiny engine. He was a father and dad himself, same age as me and completely sweet,let the boys who were very upset sit in the back of his truck. The Police were called, the tow truck, insurance information was exchanged, etc. It was pretty surrealistic watching all the commotion. The paramedics said the kids were fine just a few bumps they asked to check me out but the only thing wrong with me was my knee was broken...

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