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Chubs wears the cone of shame

We had to take poor Chubs into the Emergency Vet over Labor Day weekend. He had a small bump on his right cheek that grew over night, to about the size of a golf ball. The vet said it was an abcess due to another cat scratching him outside. The nurse shaved him and then the vet lanced it open. We have to keep it open and let it is not pretty. We are putting warm compresses on him for as long as he will let us hold a cloth on his face. His least favorite part of the whole ordeal has to be the antibiotic pill he has to take every 12 hours.

Here he is in all his sad kitty-ness. He was so humiliated at having to where the cone he tried to go back into his carrier (which he hates) just so no one would see him.

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Arya said...

Poor kitty....I feel his sadness at having to wear a "cone of shame" as Dug from up called it...

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