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Status Quote Meme

Funny or weird Facebook (or Twitter) status updates that I've comments in red

Trying really hard to Love thy neighbor. (looks like trouble in the 'hood)

That's three fights between my neighbors today...almost had to call the cops for one of them. These people are freaking crazy. (not from same person as above, it must be in the air...restless suburbia)

Today, I spent five minutes shaking a bowl of Jello because it looked cool. I regret nothing.

What do we want? A cure for procrastination!!! When do we want it?! NEXT WEEK!!

If you ever get the sudden urge to run around naked, stop and sniff some Windex first... it'll keep you from streaking! ;D

Touch my armpits, DEATH WISH! :l (TMI)

i may have just cried while i peed. (again TMI and you might want to get checked for a UTI)

AND I got some AWESOME news in an email yesterday. But I can't share it. I'm sworn to secrecy for now. (That is just so wrong! Don't say you have great news and then says it's secret!)

When calling a psychic hotline if they don't greet you by name, hang up (good point!)

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Emmy said...

Lol! You have some funny friends. I must admit I really want to shake a bowl of jello now.
Thanks so much for linking up

Lourie said...

ROFL! OH man these are soooo funny! I love them! hahahahaha! Thank you so much for playing today!

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