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October Nature Walk

This last Friday, we went out to Eagle Island State Park with some friends for a Fall nature walk. We had no lessons in mind, just to see what there was to see and observe nature. We found some great examples of trees with fall foliage to identify. We gathered some cattails near a stream to play swords with. I showed the kids a few of the local plants that were edible and we taste tested them and I also pointed out some red berries that were NOT edible. The kids found some leaf cutter ants to watch as they walked up and down some leaves. They crossed a creek via a tree that had been downed by beavers. We spied a few butterflies and grasshoppers along the way. All in all it was a great outing! I'm not sure about the kids, but for me it was so centering to get out in nature for a bit and find the wonder in it.

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