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Bad writing...

So I'm reading a book series by Aprilynne Pike. ( I love her name, it is so much better than my -just April.) It's a pretty desent spin on the mix of the human and fairy worlds. It is not the best fairy book I've ever read, but it's cute.

The more I work on my own novel and pick my serious writing apart, the more I pick apart others writing when I read. I am not doing it to be critical, but sometimes things jump out at me and scream, "Where was the editor on this one?!"

I'm not sure what you call it (I'm sure there is a literary term for it...anyone know?) but in this series she keeps restating things she already said. It's not like she is using the phrase to help the story, to create more drama, or dialogue. It it just annoying. Levi read the books also and agrees. When the writing distracts from the story,'s bad writing.

She nodded but didn't smile, it wasn't a smiling moment. (obviously!)

So note to self..... 
when writing do not insult your readers by restating the obvious.

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Chambray Blue said...

Cute pictures. I love fall pictures of kids and pumpkin patches...

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