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Shakespeare: Julius Caesar

Julius Caesar
Picture from Wikipedia article on Julius Caesar

My 12 and 10 year old boys are both old enough now for an intro to Shakespeare, we are using Ambleside Online's Shakespeare Study schedule.  Here is a plan I came up with for the this Term, we will be doing it once per week for about 15 min.

Resources used for Terms Shakespeare Study - Julius Caesar
 Week 2- Listen to Julius Caesar Audio and read along- Dramatus and first half of Act 1
Week 3- last half of Act 1
Week 4- first half of Act 2
Week 4- last half of Act2
Week 6- first half of Act 3
Week 7- last half of Act 3
Week 8- first half of Act 4
Week 9- last half of Act 4
Week 10-  first half of Act 5
Week 11- first half of Act 5
Week 12- Watch DVD Julius Caesar by Joseph L. Mankiewicz
Week 13- Watch DVD Julius Caesar by Joseph L. Mankiewicz

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Silvia said...

April, I was wondering how you were doing, if you were still there, and I love to see you are full steam with AO and CM education for your children.
I've subscribed to your posts and comments to have you at my reader now.
I'm glad I thought about checking on you and seeing you are doing fine.

Jennifer said...

Hello April! I just stumbled upon your blog. Very cute. I share my life with 4 men! :) My husband and 3 boys. My oldest 2 are a tad younger than yours... (9 and 11). What was interesting was seeing that you did a Shakespeare's play, Julius Caesar! We did the same play this fall. It was really good and the boys enjoyed it. I try to do one play a year of Shakespeare's. Last spring, we went through Augustus Caesar's World by Genevieve Foster. This book caught the tail end of Julius Caesar's rule and the beginning of his nephew, Augustus/Octavius and his rule and reign. So having that background - it was interesting to get into Julius Caesar a bit more this fall. I did not know about these YouTube's... I will have to show my boys. I implement Charlotte Mason into our day, as well as Unit Studies and bits of the Principle Approach. I look forward to seeing more on how you implement Charlotte Mason's approach to education!

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