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August 2010

Hello, my long neglected blog.
I have missed you.
I am so far behind on posts. I'm going to be marathon blogging just to get through August and September.

August was a crazy month for us; a family reunion, a funeral, a move, and a birthday all in one month.

The family reunion was for Levi's immediate family. It's a new family tradition we are starting. We'll have one a year in the summertime. Everyone was able to attend. Here we all are, plus Savannah's boyfriend. I am sure years from now we will think...who was that boy? I hosted the reunion this year, it was a Luau theme as you can see from the Hawaiian shirts and leis. This picture is really some strange expressions going on. At the reunion we had talent acts, the limbo, a hula contest, and hula hooping. Here are a few more photos, if you are wondering about our hula skills...we are pros! We had so much fun!!! Birney (aka Greatest Uncle Ever) is hosting the one next year in Seattle, we are all looking forward to it.

Levi's Grandpa Kidd died a few days before the reunion, so it was all very bittersweet. He would have loved the reunion.We drove over to Ashton, ID for the funeral. It was such a  lovely service, and so very many of his family and friends attended. He was always very kind and loving to me, you always just felt like one of his grandchildren. He loved the boys and it was so nice for them to get to know their Great Grandfather while he was alive. 

Yes, we moved AGAIN, but hopefully it will be the 2nd to the last time...I hope.We are living in the upstairs of Levi's parents house, paying off some debt and saving for a home. Wish us luck!!

We are helping to remodeling the upstairs. It has been fun and also hard work. Check out this cool paint job my friend helped me with. Yes, that is all paint...can you believe it? She has these awesome patterned rollers from the 70's. I think it turned out beautiful! The color is a little off in the photo, but it is a Sage Green.

Last, but just one day before the last day of the month. Ian turned 10!! Double Digits. Isn't he a cutie?! Happy Birthday, buddy.

"I don't know what the future may hold, but I know who holds the future."
~Ralph Abernathy

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