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Rite of Passage

" When I grow up- like you... I'm gonna buy me a house... and get all these (furniture)... and then I'll get a Facebook."
~Oliver age 5

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Kristy Quinn said...

lol.. too cute!

Arya said...

I love that the house and furniture comes first then facebook is kids say some of the most profound things...

anie said...

GOOD! Our success depends on our ambitions and lol boy has good ambitions. I am sure that He'll success in his life.

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WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

We should strive for good
Especially when good should
Reap to keep cheer to adhere
Sintear to clear jeer fear!

Love love Andyou. You are an angel from heaven on earth. Seep you cheerfully soon, Andwooh! Ha.

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