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From The Big Moo by Seth Godin

Remarkable is being unafraid to stand out.
Remarkable is having a fire in your belly and an idea that won’t quit.
Remarkable is telling the truth, always…even about yourself.
Remarkable is failing often and then trying again.
Remarkable is more doing and less planning. More testing out and less waiting, More dreaming and less sleeping.
Remarkable is when you stand for something and make it happen and change the world along the way. Stand for something or stand for nothing.
Remarkable is following your heart when everyone else is going the other way.
Remarkable is feeling the fear and doing it anyway. You can’t shirk your way to greatness.
Remarkable is not waiting for the world to change, but starting the change with yourself.
Remarkable is thinking and being in the present “Giving up the illusion that you can predict the future is a very liberating moment. “All you can do is give yourself the capacity to respond…the creation of that capacity is the purpose of strategy” Lord John Browne
Remarkable is getting up and getting out
Remarkable is being yourself. No carbon copies allowed…stop being ordinary.
Remarkable is having fun and enjoying the journey.
Remarkable is knowing there are no truly original ideas…just new ways to use them. Look for inspiration everywhere.
Remarkable is what happen when you stop trying to be perfect and just be REMARKABLE you!

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