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This Week So Far...

Saturday we went out to Uncle Bill's in Ontario for a family dinner. My second cousin Tara brought her new born baby Mackenzie for everyone to meet. Isn't she cute?!

My own baby Oliver turned 5 on the 17th!! We had a small little party with Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell and his Aunt Heather and cousins. We will take him to Chuck E Cheese this weekend for some extra fun.

We took the boys on a field trip to the Canyon County Historical Society Museum. They had a lovely assortment of displays for such a tiny museum. One of the boys favorite things there were the large model trains on display. 
And we all got a kick out of the large mustache tea cup collection- designed to keep those Victorian mustaches high and dry while drinking tea...who knew!

Today we headed to Albertson's for a field trip with a group of homeschool families, We got a lovely tour and, ate many samples, and learned all about healthy eating.

It's been a busy week so far and there is lots more on our to-do list. 
It is so nice to have Levi home for the week and do all these fun activities with him! 

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Kristy Quinn said...

I just replied and then lost it lol Sounds like you've had a busy fun week! Mackenzie is adorable! We almost named Autumn that :) That coffee cup's too cool~

Arya said...

What a sweet baby! I am going to have to check out that museum, I really need to find out what there is to do around here...

btw I checked out the charter school and I am going to register the kids for next school year...I am so tired of their current school.

septembermom said...

She's a cutie! Happy Birthday to your handsome young man. I think that coffee cup is cool!!

restrainedchaos said...

Thanks for coming over to visit my blog and making such a nice comment. I almost cried reading your post about being a widow. I feel like a bit of a widow at the moment, too, with my husband in college and working while I'm at home with the kids. ~hug~
Seems like you had a fun week, though! Happy Birthday to the boy. I love the mustache cups, too. And I had never thought about asking the local Albertson's for a homeschooling tour. Thanks for a great idea!

Bob West said...

God has greatly gifted you
I enjoyed visiting your blog
God Bless;

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