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Feeling a bit blah...who cares...

So today my house is a mess,
my laundry is backed up,
my children were uneducated,
I was too lazy to make dinner and took the kids to a buffet,
I took a really long nap because I was exhausted,
I only sort of ran today and was secretly glad when we stopped after 25 minutes,
my heart just isn't in it today.

I did manage to get myself to book group tonight...only to be further put out by the book selection for next month. We are reading Sarah Palins book Going Rouge. Groan. Maybe it is just my melancholy mood today...but I am honestly not interested. I will read it though of course, you never know, maybe my opinion of her will change. I'm not really sure what it is I don't like about her-I just don't. Not very charitable of me-I know. I am sure she is a perfectly lovely person. In my opinion she comes across as a bit of a bully...and you can be a leader without being a bully.

Well I am off to actually clean my house...maybe that will make me feel better and listen to my MP3 player. I am listening to a book called Daddy Long Legs by Jean Webster. It is such a cute story...I am fast becoming a Jean Webster fan.

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Arya said...

((HUGGS)) btw I don't really care for her either and I couldn't tell you why either, there is something I just can't put my finger on...

I hope you get to feeling less BLAH and more uplifted. I dislike days that are blah & down...((HUGGS))

Kristy Quinn said...

*hugs to you mama* I hate Blah days.. they're miserable.

WordsPoeticallyWorth said...

Conspire and laundry money to the poor
Let each and everyone be millionaires
But without money to greedy implore
That sum are more equal than others

You know Christians say they will be judged accordingly to their actions within a humane society, and I think this is just. You know there are prisons were they'll never get out, I think they should serve penance and be placed into their own watched communities of devout Christians constantly preaching their testimonies of repentence to decent people! You are a beautiful person. Love Andrew. Take wonderful care. Bye.

Pamela said...

Oh, Daddy Long Legs is one of my very favorite books. If you are listening to it I wonder if you have access to the drawing throughout the book. Priceless!

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