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Coffee Shop Experiences

Dear cute tutor guy at the coffee shop,
I was just there to pick up my son from Pokemon League. Our meetings seemed like a sort of steamed milk fantasy, but then went sour. I appreciate the lovely eye contact given to me twice and especially the smile. It was a huge boost to the ego of this 28 year old mother of four. I also appreciated your five O'clock shadow at 3pm and your rugged 30ish year old nerdy good looks.  But alas I am married. It really wouldn't have worked out anyway. You looked so bored there tutoring that poor 12 year old boy struggling in math-it was a real turn off for me. The way your demeanor just echoed- I only took this job as a tutor to help my resume look better. I'm not into guys that only help others to help themselves.

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Mystic Paradigm said...

Maybe the guy was just tired from the day's work. I think reaching on a conclusion on a first sight may not be fair towards the guy.

April Mitchell said...

Ah! But aren't all our interactions with strangers based on quick conclusions?

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