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We officially started our homeschool year this week. The boys are really excited about it since we have a had a true break from homeschooling because of the move to Nampa. All the curriculum has arrived. I've got all my lesson plans mapped out (well at least for this quarter). The boys have been looking through their new books, eager to begin.

I wanted to start a new tradition-seeing all the first day of school pictures being posted all over blogs and facebook from friends inspired me. Today we met up with some friends at Lake View Park in Nampa and did our own first day of homeschool photos. Although not professional....I think they turned out pretty good with my little point and shoot camera and a little editing software.

P.S. Just click on photos to see them larger 



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Ganine said...

Those are really good pictures

Mandy said...

what a great idea. And the pictures are great I really like the one with the 3 boys lying in the grass.

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