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Elderly Couple with Dog - Piazza Navona
Photographic Print
by A. Phillips


Like peering into some 5th grade Diorama
The house lit up like a Jack-O-lantern
Smiling at the night
In one window
The old man sits in his chair watching TV
In another window
The old lady is at the sink washing dishes
Between them- the years
The years have settled in
The good ones, the bad ones
Love went from boiling
To simmering
To a stagnate pot of water
Forgotten on the stove
And yet there is warmth there
An assurance
That in one window
At 8 pm he will still be sitting in that chair
Watching the TV
In another window
She will be at the kitchen sink
Washing dishes
The Routine
At 9pm she will appear in his window
Gently nudge him awake
She will take his hand and help him from the chair
And together they will walk upstairs
Lay down in the bed they have always shared
Nestle into one another
And sleep
The way they have for 45 years
The comfort, the routine, the assurance
Are the harvest of true love

~April Mitchell

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Very touching...
of course like the ending!
Woo-hoo indeed~

Anonymous said...

That is a very sweet poem! I really like the way you write. :)

michelle said...

You have an incredible talent...
Beautiful mind, full of the creativity that I can only dream to reach. Until then I'll keep trying and look towards talent like yourself for such wisdom and inspiration. Keep up the good work!!!

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