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Friday, July 18, 2008

by April Mitchell

I don’t unravel
I am the helper- the friend-the one who rescues
Others unraveling around me
They gush threads of hurt, and lost hope, and misunderstanding before me
I wind their strings up and tuck them in neatly
“There that’s better.”
I help them mend the broken threads and hem the tears
“See, everything will be ok, your alright, I am here for you.”
Then in the middle of this room
In front of everyone
I am unraveling
They do not notice
As bits of me fall away
And I am frantically trying to keep myself together
It is taking so much of me, so very much of me, to not let them see
I can’t let them see the ME- that is unraveling
Just pick up the pieces- I tell myself
Stuff them anywhere
As long as no ones knows
Everything will be fine…

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