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Why Men are like computers

Have you ever been using your computer programs and all of a sudden one of them shows as "Not Responding" and is frozen. Perhaps you have overloaded the computer, asking it to do to many things at once. Sometimes the computer will just seize up and stop-just because.
How alike are the computer and the men in our lives! My husband watching a ball game and playing a game on his lap top suddenly goes into "Not Responding" mode when asked to get the baby a glass of milk. Or perhaps he is doing nothing much, just driving and you call him on his phone to have a conversation. You begin chattering away but soon you realize he is "Not Responding". This phenomena often occurs during serious decision making sessions, were you are asking for their incite or opinion. You begin by explaining your point of view, the problem at hand and then end with "So what do you think?" To which the husband will flash you a blank look, which you know means "Not Responding".
I am asking other wives if they know where the control, alt, and delete buttons are on husbands so I can unfreeze mine.

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