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True Story: Crazy Ontario Bank Teller

So as if my life is not complicated and stressful enough, I now have the crazy teller at Wells Fargo in Ontario to thank for my almost total nervous break down.

I pulled in to do a quick deposit and pull out some cash for lunch. First I could not figure out how to use the little capsule thing, it was somehow locked behind a Plexiglas door. I finally pushed the call button and it opened. Then I had a hard time getting it back in. I was practically cursing the darn thing. It was one that went underground and not over your head, so everything was backwards. After I get it sent off finally, a crazy face pops up on a small video screen and asks what I need. Then the face disappears and is replaced by a video link photo of me in my car. I sitting there waiting, listening to the boys whine about if they will get suckers or not from the teller.
After what seems like forever, the capsule pops back to me, and the guys face comes on the screen again and says,
"There seems to be a problem with your account... Did you know you are negative $350 dollars... it seems to be from some online you know anything about that?"
I'm looking at this screen face and thinking as panic sets in- 'What the heck?, Did someone get into my account? What is going one?'
I say, "Hold on I second, I need to come inside and figure out what the heck is going on!"
And then he yells, "Just kidding, your account is fine, I'm just teasing...Have a great day!"
I am in shock now. He so did not just say that to me.
All I can say is "That was SO not funny!"
I manage to wrestle the capsule and my envelope out and drive off. I am never going to that bank again!!!

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Arya said...

Seriously, how would they think that was funny?!?

I bank at wells fargo too and since moving here I go to the branch in Payette because of the craziness of Ontario branch.

at Ontario branch they wouldn't let me deposit the checks I get for the kids into my checking account (never had this problem before) and wanted me to open a new account for each child - even though my name was on the check too.

So I decide to go the one in Payette and they deposit them no problem into my checking account...

I think it has something to do with Ontario in general - it's just weird.

Ganine said...

That is ridiculous... I would have demanded to talk to his boss.. That is totally inappropriate.

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