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MK Nature Center Birthday Party

We attended a birthday party at the MK Nature Centet in Boise this Saturday. We had a great time!!

Kaleb making animal tracks in the sand.

The only picture of Oliver because he was in a 'do not photograph me' mood. He is looking at the baby trout in the aquarium.

Josef, Ian, Kaleb and Kelsi looking at the ducks and geese across the pond.

Wow! A Beaver Dam!

The boys and I, minus Oliver who ran when asked to sit for a photo.

A peaceful bubbling brook, like a mini Mom spa moment.

Ian and a bobcat. He is real sensitive about the hunting of big cats and taxidermy. So I told him a long time ago at Cabela's- all the stuffed furs and animals, were animals that were sick and died, not hunted. It makes him feel less anxious about them. Yes-I lied to my child, no mother of the year award for me I quess.

Kaleb sitting by my bubbling brook.

Kylie (our 3rd cousin) making a wish...HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Josef, it's he handsome?

Ian and Kaleb waiting for cake.

Kaleb having a swinging good time!

One of the rare happy moments for Oliver that day.

My 2nd Cousin, Tara and her evil camera.

My friend Tanya, isn't she pretty with her pregnant glow.

Sugar, Sugar and presents, what more could a kid want?

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Amber said...

I'm so glad you posted this. We are planning to visit here, and I was wondering what kinds of things they had there. It looks wonderful!

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