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February's Organization Round-up-Recipes

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I must say, I am not a huge recipe collector or used, so this is not a huge challege for me. I know people with far larger recipe collections than mine. I just purged my cookbooks before our move so those are really down to bare bones. I do need a better system for storing the recipes I have and the ones I may want to save though. So far I just have this binder that I made when we were first married 10 years ago, it is pretty full and tattered. My plan is to clean-it up and oraganize the recipes so I can find them.

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I threw away almost half of the recipes I'd collected. I put in new dividers, they are actually binder pockets, with stick on divider tabs. This will work out so much nicer for me, since I only like to put in tried and true recipes into my binder. I can put the ones I want to try out in the pockets, until they graduate to the binder. I put all my 'tried and true' recipes into sheet protectors, this helps because I am a messy



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Mandy said...

eww I see you are using your labeler again. It looks great, good job!

breymom said...

That looks so nice!

imadramamama said...

Great job on this roundup!

Controlling My Chaos said...

It looks nice and tidy now. Is that a menu planning worksheet I see in the front of your binder?

Jerri said...

Great looking binder. And I like your idea for using the binder pockets.

Heidi @ Blue Eyed Blessings said...

Great work getting your system organized again. It looks like you have something that already works for you in place, but I think taking the time to get it cleaned up will help keep it in tip-top shape. I like how you have pockets for the recipes you would like to try and see if they are "worthy" enough to make into the binder with sheet protectors. :) Thanks for sharing!

Jenny said...

Thanks so much for commenting on my post! Your recipe organization looks great!

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