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BFS # 121 - Obey Your Thirst (Sprite)

Blogger Friends School #120

BFS # 121 - Obey Your Thirst (Sprite)

Memory Verse: Psalm 69:21 They put poison in my food; in my thirst, they gave me vinegar to drink.

Introduction: Obey Your Thirst (Sprite) In this Psalm, terrible things are plaguing David. He’s seeking the Lord, as he has that sinking feeling, that desperate thing of alienation and abandonment… and they try to poison him and give him vinegar - GROSS! How Vile! Sometimes when we’re sick, we have that sinking desperate feeling, we call out to God, we call out for healing.

Assignment: Tell us the most vile “remedy” you’ve ever had to consume in order to be rid of that “plague”. Was it something prescribed by a Medical Doctor? or was it an herbal remedy? We all know that Buckley’s commercial, it tastes awful, but it works. Would you take this remedy again? Did it work? Can you get your children to take it?
Oh Ladies, I’d love to see you in a photograph making that sourest of faces, - remember that remedy and remake that face.. or get your kids to make that face with you.. can you do it without laughing? Laughter makes the best medicine.

I really haven't tried too many odd remedies, but I have been trying more natural medicinces, like homeopathy and herbs. Some have tasted pretty bad, espeacially the liquid herbs. You want to scrape your tongue off afterwards. The yuckiest was probably Kava-Kava, it has an awful after taste.

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