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BFS #120-You Deserve a Break Today

Blogger Friends School #120

Introduction: You Deserve a Break Today (McDonalds) –After all this crazy weather, the economy ups and downs and now a new President for the United States you all do deserve a break today. I want to give everyone a ‘break today’ and have the ANNUAL SHOPPING SPREE!!!

Assignment: I’d like to stick with a theme for the spree though. The marriage bedroom! I’m also being a little selfish on this one because my husband and I are getting ready to demolish our room, my office, and our ‘guest’ room and make ourselves a master suite. I need some great ideas on linen, wall colors, curtains, pictures…anything that would help me to decorate our new room. I do want a soft and sanctuary type theme. Are you willing to help me? Your budget is $1500! I gave you a raise from last year…since the economy is so bad right now…LOL. Make sure you use the banner and code on the right side of this page to show us your assignments!

Ok here goes, with my virtual Marriage Bedroom Make-over:
I like blues and greens for a calm feel.

The Walls

Aqua Spere by Sherwin Williams

The Bed:

Fieldcrest® Luxury Stripe Duvet $109.99
Bed-skirt $49.99
Embroidered Pillowcases $24.99
Coverlet Set $99.99
Sheet Set $69.99
Sham Set $34.99

Green Woven Area Rug $174.99

2 Night Stands $140.00

Dresser $149.99

Bookcase $89.99


4 Sheer Curtains $52.00

2 Iron Scroll Table Lamps $80

2 Scroll Sconces $30

Candle Garden $15.59

Green Ferns II by Steven N. Meyers - 18.25x18.25"

Right Action I Canvas - 19.75x19.75" $39.99

Round Capiz Leaf Mirror $50.00

7 COMMENTS (click here!):

Kerri said...

Very nice selections!! I really like the pictures you selected.


living water homeschool said...

You have really good taste! I was thinking of something very similar for my own bedroom recently, something really subdued without looking depressing, your selections really tie it together perfectly!!

momofmhasr said...

Beautiful! I love the lamp and pictures. Very pretty and very calming.

breymom said...

WOW wish I had a room with no kids in it! One have great taste we could have so much fun decorating together, wish I had time but, I've got an Ivy Manor book to read thanks!

Sombra said...

That blue is great. - very nice room, very nice extra touches!!

Jennifer Sikora said...

I really love the color for the walls. I think I am changing my dark blue to a lighter shade of blue!

You did a great job!

Sheri said...

You are hired. Very nice choices and within budget too-great!

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