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One Day...

One day... my bathtub will not be full of wet hotwheel cars. I will not step on painful lego's strewn about the floor, late at night when I check on the boys as they sleep. One day I will not get to talk to a fieman, a caterpillar, and a pirate all in the same day, as Oliver puts on all the costumes in the dress-up box throughout the day. One day I will not step on clumps of snow brought in my little boy snow boots, in my bare feet. One day Ian will stop telling me that cactuses have milk inside them to feed the animals in the desert. In one day all these things will change, but today they are mine.

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Arya said...

So beautiful. It's so true...these moments are fleeting and we need to treasure them now or they will be gone in a blink. Thank you for sharing.

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